JUST PRESSED - Ballad Brewing

A blended wheat beer and sour ale that balances tart and sweet flavors with a refreshing lime and ginger accent 5.5 ABV I 25 IBU 


West Coast IPA – Green Flash Brewing Company

Made with five different hops for complex layers of pine, floral, and ripe citrus aromas. 7 ABV I 95 IBU

Haze Charmer - Troegs Independent Brewery

Haze charmer emerges from a soft, swirling cloud of oats and unfiltered wheat. Vigorous dry-hopping adds a second phase of Haze, propping up the oils of El Dorado and Citra hops. Each step delivers notes of juicy pineapple, fresh grapefruit and candied peach balanced by a hint of white pine and low bitterness. 5.5 ABV 


420 EXTRA PALE ALE – SweetWater Brewing Co. 
A tasty West Coast Style Pale Ale with a stimulating hop character and a crisp finish. 5.7 ABV I 39 IBU


VIRGINIA APPLE - Bold Rock Hard Cider

Crisp and refreshing, in this expertly craftly blend of Virginia apples, the green apple taste of Granny Smith comes through in every sip. 4.7 ABV I 10 IBU


FRUITLANDS – Modern Times Beer

Tart, fruity, & frighteningly delicious. The sour, salty base beer lays down the funky refreshment, while a heavy dose of passion fruit and guava turns the whole thing into a wall-to-wall tropical fruit fiesta. It’s a marvelous mix of elements that collides with your mouth like a fruit-filled asteroid of flavor traveling at the supersonic speed of party. 4.8 ABV I 17 IBU


PEACH JAM – Two Roads Brewing Co.

This refreshing wheat ale is brewed wit 100% real peaches and a hint of hibiscus. It’s a most appealing brew with an inviting, jammy fruit flavor enhanced by a subtle tartness from the hibiscus. 5.5 ABV I NO IBU



It’s a thrilling crisp, clean, refreshing Mexican-style lager that quenches thirsts, while gratifying taste buds via lime and sea salt. 4.7 ABV I 13 IBU 


VIENNA LAGER – Devils Backbone Brewing Co.

Ol’ Faithful! It’s the beer everybody just seems to dig. It is smooth, medium-bodied, and semi-sweet, while not to heavy or bitter. Amber colored and blended of four imported malts balanced by two Germanic hops. 5.2 ABV I 18 IBU


GOLD – Beale’s

A Virginia take on the Munich Helles Larger. Crisp, smooth, deceptively simple! 4.8 ABV I 15 IBU




FAT TIRE – New Belgium Brewing Co.
The easy-drinking Amber Ale born in Colorado from New Belgium Brewing Company. 5.2 ABV – 22 IBU

MILK STOUT – The Duck. Rabbit Brewery

The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout is a traditional full-bodied stout brewed with lactose (milk sugar). The subtle sweetness imparted by the lactose balances the sharpness of the highly roasted grains which give this delicious beer its black color 5.7 ABV I 25 IBU


MINUTE MAN – Three Notch’d Brewery 

Forget everything you know about IPA’s! This unique and brand new style of IPAs has a super low bitterness, allowing the fresh fruity flavor and aroma of hops to completely dominate. This beer is unfiltered and unclarified, leaving the yeast to add to the smooth mouthfeel. The Galaxy, Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops make this beer super “juicy” and fruity with a strong, citrus bouquet aroma.

7 ABU I 20 IBU



A juicy IPA with a slight hop haze lingering in its’ straw colored appearance. 5.7 ABV I 35 IBU



A rich and toasty high octane imperial stout brewed with espresso and oats. 10.5 ABV 


Two Hearted Ale – Bell’s Brewery

Brewed with 100% Centenial hops from the Pacific Northwest this IPA is bursting with hop aromas ranging from pine to grapefruit from massive hop additions in both the kettle and the fermenter. Perfectly balanced with malt backbone and combined with the signature fruity aromas of Bell’s house yeast, this beer is remarkably drinkable and well suited for adventures everywhere. 7 ABV I 55 IBU

Black Chocolate Stout – Brooklyn Brewery

Brewed since 1994, Black Chocolate Stout has itself become a modern classic, heralded the world over. It achieves its dark chocolate aroma and flavor through the artful blending of six malts and three distinct mashes. 10 ABV I 51 IBU


is a refreshing, medium-bodied, unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale spiced with fresh coriander and orange peel for a uniquely complex taste and an uncommonly smooth finish. 5.4 ABC I 9 IBU


ANGRY ORCHARD CRISP APPLE – Angry Orchard Cider Company

A crisp and refreshing cider, its fresh apple aroma and slightly sweet, ripe apple flavor make it hard to resist. 5 ABV I 10 IBU


MILLER LIGHT – Miller Brewing Company 

4.2 ABV I 10 IBU


BUD LIGHT – Anheuser Busch

4.2 ABV I 7 IBU

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